.the .product will sometimes crash
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chaos may be a very experienced scener, but till now he never managed to create a pc demo that really works reliable.

even before the competition we found out that .the .product won't run on certain geforce configurations. although we tried desperately to reproduce and solve the problem, we could not fix it at 'the party'.

after a long period of personal recreation, chaos and fiver2 joined again to prepare a final version of .the .product that is more compatible, and although not all problems could be solved, we are pleased with the result since this gave us some opportunities:

compatibility is not the only problem, especially in the end part, some annoying bugs slipped in the demo data. fiver2 fixed them, and he also made many new camera movements that are shown in random order during the end scroller.

besides fixing the bugs, chaos removed all the unused code and did some more size optimisations to make space for fiver2's new cameras. in the end, there was enough space to put an icon in the executable without exceeding the 64k limit.

many 64 kilobyte intros are larger than allowed in their final version. it is an old .farbrausch tradition to provide extended content with reduced size when we annoy our fellow sceners with an additional download, and we are very proud to state that the final version of .the .product is 63.5 kilobytes long, that's 65024 bytes since a kilobyte is 1024 bytes.

the final version seems to work pretty well on all reasonable hardware. thanks to all those who helped us debugging by sending us detailed bug reports, and a special thank to:

jeff royle, ati
richard huddy, nvidia (now ati)
scott cutler, nvidia