.the .product will make you popular
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the goal was to compete with the product at 'the party 2000' in aars, denmark. and like every year, even with all the scene and professional experience we have, the deadline was met with only an inch of space. when we arrived at the party, we immediately set up our equipment and continued working.

with the help of heavyhead and weasel we managed to get a table in hall 1 without reserving tickets, so we could enjoy the party and promote .the .product using bombe's beamer while finishing it.

following an old scene tradition, the scrolltext was written by kb and chaos during the last hours before the deadline. it gives a document of how we tried to create the best possible product in the given time while not missing too much of 'the party'.

many sceners have seen us working on .the .product, but few of them believed that we were working for the 64 kilobyte intro competition. without this information, the tool does not make a lot of sense, though.

nobody of us expected what finally happened during the competition. the impact on the audience was absolutely awesome. it worked. totally. it was some much work - but it was worth the effort.


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