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when we had our first version with soundtrack, the hour of truth had come. how big is the executable? before the project started, chaos told fiver2 that it will be anything between 32 and 200 kbytes, he had no idea. we were very pleased to see that it was about 40 kilobytes, leaving lots of space to store data.

when we reached about 50 kilobytes we got very excited since the file size did not grow at all. it took a day to create one or two kilobytes of high quality data! the executable packer was a miracle.

upx is the most prominent and wide-spread executable packer on pc and it is really good, but ryg has made a modified version that really kicks. it saves only a few kilobytes, but when aiming for 64 kilobytes that makes a difference.

at some point, fiver2 did not trust the coders any more. he just could not believe that the packer crunches a whole day of work into one or two kilobytes. it didn't even make a difference if he tried hard to save memory or just clicked the scenes together.

but our standard were rising each day, and when fiver2 started with camera movements and kb included more sound data, things were getting tight. reordering data in a way that pleases the packer saved the day more than once, and cutting the lowest 8 bits of float numbers isn't a bad idea, too.