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when .the .product was released, we got a lot of mail asking what this is all about. so we put up this page, but still some questions are unclear.

where can i buy the product?
you can not by .the .product or the tool it was made with. .the .product is a demonstration we made just for fun, for our own and your enjoyment.

with your technology you could compress a dvd to a floppy disk!
you got it all wrong. .the .product is not about compression, it's about generation. we can only "compress" data generated with our tool.

this technology could revolutionize the web!
well, it didn't. the web is about standards, and we can only do what we do by breaking all standards. it would be interesting to see what happens if someone gives us the money to develop a standard out of this...

why are you doing all this?
there is something called the demo scene, and we are all members of it. in this scene, there are special competitions devoted to 64 kbyte executables. we created .the .product to take part in such a competition. the demo scene is a lot of fun for us, the most creative free environment i know of.

this is cool stuff, is there more like it?
the demo scene is a huge place. see our links section for more information.

i am having problems getting xyz to work.
you will need a windows pc with the latest directx installed. your graphics card should support 3d-acceleration, and it should not be to old. you will need a soundcard, even if you don't want to listen to the music. if you still have problems, contact us at hotline@farb-rausch.de.

i like the music of your productions, can i download it as mp3 file?
you can try ftp.scene.org, or even our 64 kbyte music disk, brullwurfel.

come on, all this in 64k can't be possible, are you cheating or downloading files from the internet or whatever?
no, we're not. You can read these pages for an explanation on how we do it. if you still don't believe it, you can copy the 64k executable on a floppy disk and try it on a freshly installed system. ok, we are using the arial font. but that's hardly cheating.

I like this stuff, can I put it on my homepage?
in general, you can (if it's a private homepage), as long as you obey the following rules:
1. leave the original distribution (i.e. .zip) files intact, don't add or remove anything from them
2. give proper credit and/or link to theproduct.de or farb-rausch.com
if you want to display anything publicly, please contact us in advance. we generally grant that permission, but we want to know about it.

is there source code available of anything you did?
not of anything of real interest, but that may change in the foreseeable future. check back if you don't want to miss it

i like those demos, could you do something like that for me too?
in general, farbrausch is a spare-time project, and we just work for ourselves. if you are seriously interested in getting a demo/intro done and are willing to pay for it, you can contact us at hotline@farb-rausch.de.

Is your modified UPX version publicly available?
that part of the homepage is severely out of date :) - we now use a completely own packer, and no, it is not publicly available.