.the .product is alive
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most of the work was creating and using the tool. without ever getting a name better than 'generator.exe', it is the magic behind .the .product.

the first version of the tool was a window with two child windows: one displayed the texture, the other one contained a text editor that allowed the artist to edit a script that describes the image. fortunately, this was so painful that even chaos, the author, did not want to use it. he decided, highly motivated by fiver2, to create a rich user interface to simplify editing.

this was a full success. when he showed the first fruits of his work at the scala meeting 2000b, the fame was all his. he has been working on demo and game tools for many years now, but this time he came up with something really useful. it was so much fun to create textures with this tool that motivation never was an issue.

but he almost failed, it was too much work. textures, model, animation and timelines had to be edited, and there was also the demo itself to be written. unfortunately the structures required for editing were not very useful in a memory limited environment, and much of the work had to be duplicated between the demo and the tool.

but after many sleepless nights, parallel to his game-industry job and later full-time in denmark, many of fiver2's ideas became reality, and with the help of doj and yoda, .the .product was finished in time.

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