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here are some links that are directly related to our work in the demo-scene:

www.farb-rausch.com the group that made .the .product
ftp.scene.org download the music for all farbrausch productions in mp3 format.
ftp.scene.org download a video-recording of a seminar chaos held at the assembly 2003, where he explained our various tools.
www.xyzw.de personal homepage of dierk "chaos" ohlerich, the main coder of .the .product
www.kebby.org personal homepage of tammo "kb" hinrichs, responsible for the synthesizer and most of our musical scores.
www.pixelz.de personal homepage of christoph "gizmo" muetze. he is the artist behind "fr-030: candytron"

for more information about the demo scene and why people do what we do:

www.monostep.org if you want to see demos, here are a lot of them
www.pouet.net and if you want to discuss them, here you will be heard
www.scene.org the largest server in the whole scene
the demoscene outreach group if you still don't get what it's all about

we are not the only ones doing 64kbyte intros, some of the most interesting production of the last years are:

heaven seven
one of the most beautiful intros ever done, and even older than fr-08, by exceed.
the breakthrough performance of and, the one-man-intro-group.
project genesis
an excellent aspirant to the "most stuff in 64k" competition, by conspiracy.
a place called universe
once conspiracy showed what they can do, they concentrated more on beauty than quantity.
this powerful intro by and is obviously inspired by doom3.
point blank
amazingly atmospheric intro by stockholm syndrome.

if you want to contact us, just mail to

hotline@farb-rausch.de: motivate us
hotline@farb-rausch.de: bugs & issues