.the .product is silence
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a good demo is impossible without good sound. it was clear from the beginning that only one person would be able to deliver this: kb.

when chaos and fiver2 decided to start working on .the .product, they made sure that kb was in the team. he agreed to join the team if they could present something really convincing to him at mid november.

they succeeded.

kb had little time, and so he started working on the synthesizer when he met chaos and fiver2 in early december. following an old tradition, .farbrausch and a few friends rented a danish flat for two weeks to create stunning productions for 'the party'. doj and yoda joined the team and helped where they could.

but the hardest job had to be done by kb. he had to create a synthesizer, a sequencer and the score, and he had to squeeze everything in less than 16 kilobytes, all this in two or three weeks. he decided to use his favourite composing tool, logic audio, to create the score, so the first thing he did was writing his synthesizer as plugin for logic. later on, he crunched the midi file and stored it in .the product.

.farbrausch wanted to have some kind of elevator music atmosphere for the precalculation part of the demo, so this became the first piece of music created with kb's synthesizer. we assumed using a realtime synthesizer in the background would make the precalc 10%-20% slower, but the audience would be much less bored if there was something more happening at that time, so overall, it's a win.

later we recognised that most modern PCs do the initial processing in less than thirty seconds and no music was required to calm down the audience. we believe the "loading-music" to be worth it, anyway.

show logic audio

and in case you liked the intro soundtrack and want it in a somewhat better playable way than an .exe file lying around on your harddisk, you might consider using kbs .fr-08 wav renderer. with this little tool, you can get the fr08 soundtrack in two big wav files that are easily converted to mp3 or any other popular audio format.