.fr-08: .the .product
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15-jun-2004:we finally released our .werkkzeug1

14-apr-2004:our biggest project is online: kkrieger, a game in 96k.

13-apr-2004:scene.org is down, this means total blackout for the demoscene. i temporarly changed the links to our own webspace. great things are to come when the situation normalises...
17-mar-2004:updated the links section with gizmos homepage and the assembly2003 seminar.
12-mar-2004:new demo released: fr-037: breakpoint 2004 invitation. It contains a lot of photos made at breakpoint 2003, so if you ever wondered what a demoparty looks like, get this.
8-jan-2004:updated the links section with some viewing tips.
29-dec-2003:new demo released: fr-036: zeitmaschine.
09-nov-2003:new intro released: fr-034: time index.
10-aug-2003:new demo released: fr-031: faded memories.
31-jul-2003:fr-019 becomes the first demo scene production ever presented at Siggraph!

how much graphics, sound and program code can be stored in 64kbytes? when .fr-08 .the .product was released at christmas 2000, it made a convincing statement by showing seven completely different 3d scenes with 16 minutes of realtime synthesized music.

the pages on this site explain briefly how we made .the .product and it's successors. although we spent a lot of time during the last years improving our technology, the basic concept hasn't changed. still be sure to download and watch the latest productions based on our technology:

fr-08: .the .product
released 29-dec-2000
download (63.5 kbyte)
alternative download

it all started with this demo, created using our first tool, the generator.

fr-019: poemtoahorse.
released 30-apr-2002
download (64 kbyte)
alternative download

with all the lessons learned from .the .product, we rewrote the whole system. the new tool called .werkkzeug1 should become the base for quite a lot of productions

fr-025: the.popular.demo
released 20-apr-2003
download (~8 mbyte)
alternative download

this time we did not limit ourselves to 64 kbytes, we imported some detailed character animation and a real soundtrack with vocals into our .werkkzeug1.

fr-030: candytron
released 20-apr-2003
download (64 kilobyte)
alternative download

character animation and vocals? we created a new tool, the .werkkzeug3, that can do it in 64k.

enjoy all these free productions and visit our groups full homepage www.farb-rausch.com